Curtis L. Fox
Political Science, Soviet History

Curtis is a former Green Beret and served as a demolitions and combat engineering expert on a Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha, as well as other operational duties and missions. He separated from the Army in 2016 to attend the MBA program at Georgetown before re-entering public service in the Department of Defense.

Curtis is the Author of Hybrid Warfare: The Russian Approach to Strategic Competition and Conventional Military Conflict.

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Hybrid Warfare is also available as an audiobook.

Guest Speaker Events:

Curtis was a guest speaker for the Department of Defense Joint Staff J3 Strategic Multilayer Assessment Speaker Series on 11 January 2024: Hybrid Warfare: Guile Born Out of Weakness.

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  • The Company Leader - Fundamental Duties of Leadership: Reflections on the Battle of Chosin Reservoir
  • 1945 - Ukraine’s Fight Against Time: The American public’s war-weariness and the urgency of Ukrainian progress against Russia are pressing issues, reflecting a historical reluctance to engage in foreign conflicts, reminiscent of pre-World War II sentiments
  • Hybrid Warfare At a Glance - U.S. vs Russian “Hybrid Warfare” Doctrine: A Comparative Glance
  • A Moral Case for Mercenaries - Reflections on the Sierra Leone Civil War

Long Bio:

Curtis Lee Fox is the son of a West Texas cotton farmer and a Kentucky kindergarten teacher. He was raised in Texas and Virginia, and studied Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech, where he lived next door to his future wife Katie.

They eventually met after Curtis volunteered to help Katie’s roommates move furniture. Despite being accepted to the graduate engineering program at Virginia Tech under a research assistant-ship, Curtis chose to enlist in the Army. He was selected to attend the Special Forces Qualification Course, learned to speak Russian, won his Green Beret, and served in the 10th Special Forces Group.

After completing his time in service, Curtis studied at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, earning a Master’s of Business Administration. Curtis and Katie married in 2017, and they now reside in Northern Virginia where Curtis works as a systems engineer and project manager. They celebrated the birth of their daughter Ginny in 2021.

As believing Christians, Curtis and Katie are involved in their Church.

“We change the world by changing ourselves. It’s only by letting go of grand-scale visions, the need to re-make the world ‘as it should be’, and by focusing on the development of our own consciences that our families and communities begin to transcend the meager existence that is man’s inheritance on Earth. The alleviation from unnecessary suffering, or perhaps from the habits of mind that produce suffering, is a direct result of the redemption of each individual human heart.”

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