Full Publishing Service

-30- Press Publishing will take your great idea and turn it into a fully actualized work. Work directly with a full creative team from -30- Press to make your vision a reality.

Storyboarding Service

Are you working on fiction and need a little help visualizing your story-arc, character development, or narrative flow? Book a session with one of our creatives to help you map your work.

Book Marketplace

Take a gander at all -30- Press works.

Brand Narrative Development

Beyond a story, hire a -30- Press Creative Team to craft a vibrant narrative universe for your brand to live in. Increase your community engagement and differentiate your business from the competition.

Creative Consulting

Want to engage your community in fun and unique ways? -30- Press can help you craft unique digital events, from Alternate Reality Games (ARGs), to digital capture the flag matches and digital scavenger hunts.