Think of JUMP as your yacht among the stars, your canoe to navigate the streams of time, and your ferry to other dimensions.


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In terms of science fiction, the word “jump” conjures images of star streaks and gravity-projected wormholes, of jumps through hyperspace. This is no accident, but there is more at play here than a casual jump across a handful of parsecs. The invention of new cultures and even new species with completely alien drives and desires, necessitates that science fiction authors force themselves to entertain the wildest of wild notions and, beyond that, empathize with them. In that light, it’s no secret that science fiction is a genre where the
alternative lifestyles and political views of real humans are first embraced. To put it simply, when you spend your days trying to understand the emotional nuances of a sentient, dual-brained, one eyed creature descended from slime mold, no human concerns seem alien. Similarly, science fiction authors extrapolate from the future from the progression of history and explore the triumphs and failures of the current path of humanity. It would not be odd to find that some stories hint at a shift – a jump – we need to construct a better society, or even to avoid destruction. Other stories may begin innocently enough, but you may want to double check the dark alcove behind the cargo storage compartment. Many of our authors come from a horror background and you might find something terrible slithering at your feet to give you a start. Don’t say you weren’t warned.